At Outdoor Activities Tenerife we are committed to caring for the natural environment and we work only with qualified guides, in order to offer you the best levels of safety and enjoyment

Our goal is to provide tourist services of the highest quality and making you enjoy the nature with us.

We stand out for designing personals and groups activities, focusing on giving an exclusive and complete service where we prioritise safety and precision so that you can enjoy your adventure with the greatest fun. We adapt all activities with the needs, priorities and objetives of our clients. Whether you are looking for an “extreme” adventure or a calm adventure with family, Outdoor Activities Tenerife has the perfect adventure for you !.

The high category of our services makes us stand out in the sector, where our clients repeat giving us their trust, year after year.

We manage our activities without damaging our environment allowing you to get to know the natural charms of Tenerife and the Canary Islands while we spread awareness about the care of its nature.

On the other hand, we like to create a friendly and supportive environment, betting on an improvement in moral values, transmitting transparency, honesty, individual respect for each person and, of course, caring for the natural environment.

Meet our founder

This agency is founded by Jorge. Professional mountain guide, specialized in canyoning activities.

He is in love with the nature of the Canary Islands but especially with Tenerife!


His passion to discover remote places and his love for nature made him a practitioner of various sports disciplines such as canyoning, hiking, surfing, kite-surfing, kayaking and skydiving.

O.A.T was not formed overnight, it was created as a result of the effort and passion of years working and developing this great project.

Years ago, he had the brilliant idea of transforming his lifestyle into his profession, something for which he feels very fortunate today.

His training as a  mountain guide was between the mountains of Granada and the rugged surroundings of the Picos de Europa “Asturias” where he also obtained training in rough water with leading teachers in the world of canyoning..


No distance is too far when you’re in good company


For us there is no better feeling than having you among us and making you enjoy a great day of adventure!