Get ready to dive into the thrill of canyoning in Tenerife! With a variety of routes ranging from peaceful walks to pure adrenaline descents, we have something for every level of bravery and experience.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing activity to enjoy with the family or an extreme challenge to test your limits, we’ll help you find the perfect canyon for your next adventure. Below, we present a detailed guide to the difficulty levels you’ll find at Outdoor Activities Tenerife.

Canyoning Difficulty Levels

Level 1: Very Easy

Level 1 canyons are the gateway to canyoning, where safety and ease allow participants of all ages to enjoy the natural environment and learn the basics of the sport in a relaxed and controlled setting.

  • For whom: Families and beginners.
  • Previous experience: Not necessary.
  • Activities: Gentle walk, swimming in calm waters.

Level 2: Easy

This level introduces participants to the thrill of canyoning with obstacles that are easy to overcome but offer a more active and participatory experience than the previous level.

  • Target audience: Active beginners and people in good physical shape.
  • Previous experience: Minimal or none.
  • Activities: Small jumps, natural slides, use of hands for climbing.

Level 3: Moderately Easy

Level 3 is ideal for those looking to increase the intensity and adventure, with more opportunities to learn and practice rappelling techniques and enjoy the beauty of the canyon with a bit more adrenaline.

  • Target audience: People with some experience or good physical condition.
  • Previous experience: Beneficial but not essential.
  • Activities: More jumps and slides, introduction to rappelling.

Level 4: Moderate

Level 4 canyons offer a more technical and challenging experience, testing participants’ ability to maneuver through more complex and exciting obstacles.

  • Target audience: Experienced canyoneers or those in good physical condition.
  • Previous experience: Required to enjoy and progress safely.
  • Activities: Technical rappels, higher jumps, longer slides.

Level 5: Difficult

At this level, canyoneers face challenges that require endurance, skill, and decisiveness, with the reward of completing some of the most exciting and gratifying descents.

  • Target audience: Experienced adventurers.
  • Previous experience: Necessary to face technical challenges.
  • Activities: Complex obstacles, requirement of advanced techniques.

Level 6: Very Difficult

Level 6 canyons are for those who seek to push their limits and enjoy the thrill of conquering extreme natural obstacles in a challenging environment.

  • Target audience: Highly experienced canyoneers and those in excellent physical condition.
  • Previous experience: Essential for safety and enjoyment.
  • Activities: Long rappel sections, high jumps, swimming in strong currents.

Level 7: Extremely Difficult

This level is reserved for the most adventurous and skilled, offering the most extreme challenges and the satisfaction of overcoming what for many is the pinnacle of canyoning.

  • Target audience: Elite canyoneers with advanced skills.
  • Previous experience: Extensive, with a high degree of technical competence.
  • Activities: Complex rappels, technical jumps, advanced swimming.
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